4 myths of loose vagina. How to tighten your vagina with this amazing ways.

The myth of the loose vagina.

Vagina tightness exercise is a very sensitive topic and also very important for your health. Before we go further with the exercises let’s have a little knowledge about loose vagina and tight vagina at least for anyone who is new to this topic.

They seems to be four (4) main myth surrounding vagina tightness or looseness. All of them use for slaughtering women and all of them false.

Myth number 1: Is that virgins vagina is necessary extremely tight.

Myth number 2: When you have sex for the first time your vagina becomes permanently loosened.

Myth number 3: The more sex you have the loser your vagina becomes.

Myth number 4: Using products that requires insertion such as tampons,menstrual cups or vibrators will also cause your vagina to become loose.

All 4 myths are false.

Most people use the word loose vagina to describe a woman who has sex with multiple partners.

They is also an illusion which i know. Vagina is elastic that means it can stretch and accommodates things that are coming in such as penis, sex toys etc or coming out like babies.

But it won’t take long for the vagina to snap back to its previous shape and size. Just like your skin, vagina changes all the time aging,childbirth, surgeries etc.

Research has it that, vagina tightness and virginity have no scientific credibility.

Excessive tight vagina.

A tight vagina isn’t necessary a good thing unfortunately. Vagina tightness muscles can make your sex life painful and impossible to complete.

And in some cases you have to look for treatments of excessive vagina tightness.”It’s called vaginismus”.


As defined by “Top Doctors Uk”. Vaginismus is a very painful and distressing medical conditions where the muscles of the vagina tightens,tensed or contract anticipation of pains.

It makes penetrating sex very painful and often very impossible.

How does vagina tightness work??

A lot of people assumes that the actual vagina is what determines tightness this is simply incorrect.

The vagina is essentially a tube and above that tube you have your cervix and above that cervix you have your uterus.

A vagina that is not sexually aroused is like 3-4 inches long,but when you are sexually excited the vagina elongates and expand, it grows in length, it grows in width it releases a natural lubricant.

Vagina tightening
Know your vagina .aseba fitness

Also your cervix and your uterus actually moves up towards your head to make a little more room in the pelvic bowl so that whatever it’s that is penetrating the vagina is less likely to heat the cervix.

This is why when a woman delivers a baby, the baby moves to the uterus and then out through the vagina and to the world.

What are the methods of vagina tightening?

There are basically 3 methods of vagina tightening which includes:

  1. Natural method
  2. Medical method
  3. Surgical method.

1.Natural method.

.Breathing exercise

How it’s done. Hold your breath for few seconds contract the muscles in your vagina and hold it tight.

This can be done 10-15 times per day. It can be done in your office,it can be done while you are cooking,while you are setting in your computer or maybe standing or talking anywhere or anytime.

.Kegel exercise

This kegel exercise also known as pelvic floor exercise.Tightens the pelvic muscles.

How to do it. When you are urinating stop the flow by contracting or controlling the pelvic muscles.

Kegel or pelvic floor exercise, a natural method exercise that enables you tighten your vagina faster.

Count from 1-10 and then slowly released the urine. This exercise can be done 2-3 times per day whenever you are urinating.


If you are already having painful sex, another pelvic floor exercise will properly make that problem worst not better.

.Using of cones

This cones are advaliable in different various weight. Start with the small one.

How to do it. The cone is introduce into the vagina, and hold it in place by squeezing the muscles for at least 15minute.

Do this twice aday gradually you can increase the weight of the cone use.


Performing yoga on a regular basis is enough for toning vagina muscles. Yoga includes working on the pelvic floor muscles as well as strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. Which together will strengthen your muscles in nether regions.

Child’s pose for vagina tightening. aseba fitness.

Yoga poses such as, the bridge pose, child pose are excellent for tightening your pelvic muscles as they require lots of deep breathing.

.Pilate exercise

This should be done using a yoga block. Make sure the block is place side ways.

How to do it. STEP 1:

Come down unto your back, lift yourself in a bridge position till you are on the block. Your sacrum (the back of your pelvis) should be on the block.

Pilate exercise for vagina tightness

Allow your pelvis to rest firmly on the block settle,release and sinking into the block.

Shoulders down (away from the ears) palms face up so you’re not tempted to grip the floor into the ground and take a deep breath. Breathing deeply down into your pelvic floor, into your belly and your hips breath in and then as you excel press all the air out.

STEP 2: Weightless legs. Keep dangling in the air super weightless in the air sinking into the block still. Breath in and out.

STEP 3: Release the inner thighs and pelvic floor. Just release into the bowl make sure your pelvic is sinking into the yoga block and very fully supported. With breathing deeply into the pelvic floor.

You can complete this exercise by strengthening your legs towards the ceiling bend and strengthen 2-3 times. Repeating these poses several times throughout the day would allow you get a naturally tighter vagina in a short period of time.

Benefits of Natural method exercises.

  • The following natural method exercises if adopted is going to tighten your pelvic floor muscles,this works for both male and female.
  • This will help you controlled your urine, your stool,painful urination, it helps controlled your lower back pain.
  • It controllers painful intercourse, constipation and incomplete bowel.
  • It helps you deliver your baby faster and help you recover after childbirth.

.Fruits and vegetables

Eating healthy foods,fresh fruits and vegetables is a good natural way of tightening the vagina.

Doing multiple exercises without eating healthy foods,fruits and vegetables is just a waste of time. Incorporating this natural method of eating healthy foods, fruits and vegetables is a good way of tightening the vagina.

Washing the vagina area with icy cold water can tighten the vagina.

2.Medical method.

Health medications are also available but safety of which isn’t known. Some therapists use current wireless electrote to stimulate the muscles to contract.

3.Surgical method.

Surgical methods are: vagino plasty and libio plasty


The number of times a woman has had sex or the number of sexual partners she has, has no bearing whatsoever on how tight or loose her vagina is. And it’s also no one else’s business but her own.

Consensual sexual intercourse, masturbation with fingers or toys or using a menstrual cup don’t cause your vagina to loosen or stretch out permanently,the vagina is incredibly elastic.The vagina is an elastic organ it can expand to accommodate insertion or penetration.

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