About Aseba

Hello, welcome to Aseba fitness blog. I’m happy to have you here.
Aseba fitness isn’t your regular blog. It’s a “Rare” fitness blog.
Created to ensure you’re covered when it comes to quality, reliable, trustworthy, educative and life transforming information on how to be fit, stay fit and maintain a healthy fit body and equally adapt to a healthier lifestyle.

How Aseba fitness started

Asebafitness is a blog founded by Christiana Kingsley, a fitness model, a medical personnel, a self-taught yogini with one year experience.
I have been looking for reliable information on how to get that body shape I see on TV. I seek credible insight on how to eat well to ensure I get fit and healthy.
On this blog, I like to share some daily happenings as well as a quick simple fitness tips and tricks. Effective stretching routines, Yoga, Pilate and flexibility work-outs, Some healthy recipes and lots more.

The ultimate goal of Aseba fitness is to create a community where individuals, male & female, young and old can be equipped with all the necessary awareness and the right approach to attaining a fit, healthy body and a beautiful stress-free lifestyle.

I literally respond to every comment and email I receive, feel free to send a tweet.
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Please, be polite.
All information posted here is solely the property of Aseba fitness. Please don’t steal my work. If you’ll like to reprint or copy anything please endeavour to give an accreditation to Aseba fitness.

Disclaimer Alert–As a medical personnel (A Radiographer to be precise)I will advise you seek and check with your doctor before embarking in making any fitness or nutrition changes. Since not all exercises are suitable for you.
The information presented here is purely to share my experience and for entertainment purposes. The author a blog disclaim responsibility for any mishap or damage that may occur from engaging in any activities from this blog.